Factory in Hanoi-Vietnam
Design automation machine, processing product.

Factory - Building line e machine for automation
electrical fuseboxes and power lines switchers
Cooperate with advanced engineering companies in Japan, we design and assemble testing product machines, automation machine in Vietnam, quickly solve all the problems of domestic and foreign customers.
We pursue the target ” To Optimize solution”, capable of supporting solve problems surpassing national borders.
We will listen to requests from customers, analyzing the causes and clarify the core issue and the stance of the customer to solve and handle problems.
Labor savings by using automation to improve production efficiency
Reduced production workers and shorten the time, aims to improve product quality, achieve maximum efficiency with minimum cost.

Cycle until automatic delivery

Q & A

Our business staff will have meeting with clients to understand their needs, including technical parameters, and profile information.
For example :

· The most important is the safety measures for employees.
· Reduce the rate of not good product to zero
· To use the robot
· Reduce the initial cost

Four people have a development conference of new products


We choose the optimal design team.
Each stage in mechanical & electrical design, programming are equally important.
Young Vietnamese Engineers are trained and directed by the Japanese Engineers. We try to provide final drawing which get Japanese quality for customer.



We are proud to be the company specializes in machine tools, so we can order cheaply product and delivery soon.
Mechanical parts are mainly manufactured at factories in Vietnam. In addition we also have cooperate with factories in China, Malaysia, Japan, in order to reduce costs and improve quality.

Assemble adjustment

Experienced engineers working under the direction of Japanese Engineer
Ability to work 24 hours to meet the deadline
Using three-dimensional measuring machines to ensure accuracy


Machinery at factory in Vietnam

CNC Mazak Machine 5 pcs
Wire cut machine FANUC 1 pcs
Wire cut machine Sodick 2 pcs
Grinder Mitsui 8 pcs
Vertical milling Avemax machine 2 pcs
Microscope Nikon 2 pcs
Lathe Takizawa machine 1 pcs
Digital Micro Nikon machine 10 pcs
Screw Sodick machine 1 pcs
Form grinding Okamoto machine 2 pcs
Vertical milling makino machine 3 pcs
Three-dimensional measuring KEYENCE machine 1 pcs
Nikon Camera 2 pcs
Lathes Eguro 1 pcs
Welding machine 3 pcs
Drilling machine 5 pcs
Milling Machine Okuma Howa 1 pcs
Fuji Shot Peening Machine 1 pcs
Thermal Hardening Furnace 1 pcs